History 2400: Second short essay

Here are the questions for the first essay, due December 7.  Answer only one question.

Length: 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font.

Use lecture notes, course readings and at least two other scholarly sources in constructing your answer.

List the sources in a bibliography.

Includes footnotes for references.

Answer ONE question in the form of an essay:

  1. Why did the early Stuarts (James I and Charles 1) have poor relations with their parliaments?
  • Who were the Diggers and why have historians found them a significant phenomenon?
  • What was restored in 1660 and what political problems remained unresolved?
  • Who supported William of Orange’s coup d’état in 1688 and why?
  • Why did the Whigs rather than the Tories dominate politics between 1714-1750?
  •  Who benefitted from Scotland’s Union with England in 1707 and who didn’t?

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